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Perfil Helmut ZEPF AlemaniaDescargar PDF

Perfil Helmut ZEPF Alemania

Professor Ferdinand Sauerbruch became famous for a special surgical technique that he had developed. As a surgeon, he had rather clear-cut ideas regarding the characteristics and quality of the surgical instruments he used.

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Instrumentos de DiagnósticoDescargar PDF

Instrumentos de Diagnóstico

The new Helmut Zepf Handle corresponds with the demand of an anatomically adjusted handle for prophylaxis. The perfect shape regarding power transmission and sensitivity enables a tactile scaling and cleaning.

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Instrumentos de Periodoncia

The perio-diagnostics should be done regularly to have a permanent record to make sure that gingival and especially periodontal inflammations are diagnosed early. The benefit for the patient is that either the periodontal health can be confirmed or infection is detected early.

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Instrumentos de ConservadoraDescargar PDF

Instrumentos de Conservadora

All Composite-Tips with spezial Zepf-Bright Surface finish or with Titanium-Aluminium-Nitrite- Coating (Art.-Nr. with “Ti”), as such extremely smooth, harder and more scratch resistant than normal coated composite instruments.

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Instrumentos de Extracción

Gentle extraction is the quest of Helmut Zepf Co. In line with this aim, a new, patented extraction system has been developed in close collabora- tion with Dr. Benno Syfrig of

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Instrumentos de Cirugía dental

This chapter for Cranio- Maxillo-Facial Surgery includes all instruments required for reconstruction of traumata, diseases, bone fractures, malformations and deformations of the teeth, the oral cavity and for the jaw as well as the face.

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Instrumentos de ImplantologíaDescargar PDF

Instrumentos de Implantología

A successful implantation primarily depends on sufficient bone in the region of the alveolar process and especially on the quality of the bone. Only a stable bone structure can guarantee a safe anchorage of the implant.

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Instrumentos de MicrocirugíaDescargar PDF

Instrumentos de Microcirugía

In Microsurgery Helmut Zepf Tunneling Instruments find their application in the preparation of flaps for subsequently reconstructions of the alveolar ridge or for root coverings with a connective tissue graft.

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Instrumentos de coronasDescargar PDF

Instrumentos de coronas

The helmut Zepf Crown-Spreader Plier is perfectly designed for spreading of crowns without pressure on the root and neigbour tooth. Sturdy, with a spring handle which holds the instrument securely in the hand. A set screw keeps the jaws in perfect alignment.

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MantenimientoDescargar PDF


The Helmut Zepf Universal Washtray System offers a maximum amount of variability. The varied possibilities of adaptation and positioning of the instrument supports guarantee an individual and optimized configuration of the set – depending on the needs of the user.

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KENDA es un fabricante lider mundial de pulidores dentales rotatorios de alta precisión para odontología y prótesis dental. Los diferentes pulidores dentales se sirven con autoclave para varios usos o como pulidor para un solo paciente para un solo uso.

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Instrumentos diamantadosDescargar PDF

Instrumentos diamantados

Catálogo completo de Intensiv, con un índice interactivo. Puedes moverte por todo el catálogo haciendo clic sobre las imágenes de los instrumentos de la página 3.

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